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Memories.  Revelations.  Reminders.  Acceptance.

Within these words is where I coexist. Through the process of creation, I stir up memories that are only revealed to me gradually.
I choose, I decide, and I reveal without showing myself entirely. The conception of my artistic behavior emerged subconsciously
and evolved into an auto-therapeutic combination of visual artworks.

The initial attribution in my art was the representation of the teratogen form (terminology: teratogenicity / Greek etymology:
(τερατογέννεση) τέρας - monster + γέννηση - birth ) as complete figures coexisting within my figure, as my body being simplified
to a line or transparent form.

Inspired by deformation, I started experimenting with materials and tried to create a conceptual value.
Each material determines specific moments and memories. The process deals not only with the represented concepts, but also
with the reality of recalling memories of materials I camouflage with on my body. Wax, plastic tape, plaster, wood, and even
bubble gum form an imaginary body rejuvenation. Thus, the materials are crucial to fix a memory that has been immortalized,
just before it could be extinct and ruined.

Also, the shadow in my work is presented both literally and metaphorically. Instead of having the shadow hiding things, it is
revealing them. The shadow appears as a form that regenerates, deforms, and re-creates; and every time the shadow creates a
new form. Based on this concept, I introduced my work to a digital aspect. The art piece, which is on canvas or paper, becomes
the model and the final product is a lower resolution digital image. The purpose is not to repeat the artwork, but rather to
reshape and recast-it mainly through a mirror application and transparency levels.

Memories when I was little, embarrassing memories, traumatic, empirical. Without talking to the viewer, without trying to be
heard. Alone, they exist and coexist; inconspicuous; in their environment; and then the materials just exist in space. And silently
wait for the memory to leave. And to become materials; concrete materials. And to integrate, to coexist, to appear. But always
remain alone,silent, intact. And keep waiting.

Artist Statement: Bio
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